Godzilla-themed Artwork for "Strange Beasts 2 - A Tribute to the King" Available Now from Guzu Gallery

It's 'dragon' versus 'kaiju' with Martin Hsu's "Dragon Boy VS. Baby Godzilla" 4 color screen print - currently available to purchase via, in an edition of 50, priced at US$40 for this massive sized 24" x 18" piece, done for Guzu's "Strange Beasts 2 - A Tribute to the King" show!

Check out more artwork from the show, with each pic clicked-linked to their sales page :)

Above: "Boss Battle" by Chet Phillips

Above: "Battle of the Insurance Giants" by David Lamplugh

Above: "Clash of the Atomic Titans" by NE / New Flesh

Above: "Luchazilla vs Space Luchazilla" by Yehudi Mercado

Above: "Rōzu Kaiju" by Alan Defibaugh

Above: "Where There Is Smoke" by Daniel Aranda

Above: "The Monster Inside" by Matt Frank.

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