CROM & AZAZEL Resin Figures by POP Prolific - to debut at "Hard & Soft: The Many Layers of POP" at PIQ! on Dec 3rd!

Teased in my previous feature, today we have a look at the final figures by Justin Volpe AKA POP Prolific, of his vintage Masters of the Universe-styled original resin figures!

The “Skeleton”-looking dude seen up above front-n-center is named “CROM” (after the Robert E. Howard Conan deity), and “AZAZEL” (The Body Jumping Angel”) is the name of the character with the “layered Shredder” mask! There is a second edition of CROM which comes in GID Blue!

Standing 4.5" tall each, there are a trio of resin figures to be had, of which 6 x pieces will be made of each character design. One of each piece will be available for sale at PIQ on December 3rd - for his "Hard & Soft: The Many Layers of POP" show - while the rest will be listed on his online shop starting on the 3rd!
"… for enquiring minds, I'll ship out all orders on the 14th and 15th of December. My goal is to do at least one new resin figure every month next year and this set of 3 will kick off the series." - added Justin.
Justin Alan Volpe will be in present at PIQ Grand Central Terminal this Saturday 5:30pm to 9:30pm along with Sugar Fueled artist Michael Banks.

Satyrs at #StarryEyed Solo Show by Seulgie @ myplasticheart (Dec 2-31, 2016)

Snaps of Seulgie’s STARRY EYEDsolo show at myplasticheart launched December 2nd (Exhibition runs through December 30th 2016), which in this particular blogpost, focuses on her uber-adorable Rory Satyr, in a variety of guises - as bunnies, lambs and donkey!
EVENT PRESS: "myplasticheart is excited to present “Starry Eyed” featuring the work of Brooklyn artist and toy sculptor Seulgie. The exhibition will showcase various interpretations of her popular characters “Satyr” and “Rory”, whimsical faun-like creatures that perfectly capture Seulgie’s fondness for cuteness. An assortment of hand-sculpted figures and original paintings and drawings will be on view."
Feel free to head on to my previous feature to peep MORE of these cute creatures, and stay tuned to Instagram @myplasticheart for when they announce online sales of Seulgie’s Satyrs, that is IF any are left after the show launch!!!

Setup begins for Starry Eyed exhibition. See you tomorrow! #starryeyed @seulgie._ #rory #resin

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Tokyo Comic Con 2016 (Dec 2-4)

The inaugural Tokyo Comic Con opened December 2nd for Preview Night (5PM-10PM), and will continue event proper from Saturday December 3rd (10AM-7PM) to Sunday 4th (10AM-6PM).

*By The ToyGawds do I miss “Preview Nights” for our local toy-con tho…

Held at the Makuhari Messe Concert Hall (CHIBA 2-1 Nakase Mihama-Ku Chiba 261-0023 /, it is a ticket entry event, with Adults at 1,800 yen (US$/SG$) and Middle & High School Students at 900 yen (US$/SG$). Further tix info on

Via my regular social media channels, we have a peek at what’s going on (most of which are based on comment captions and my amateur deductions -so apologies if my info is not 100% accurate :p). Looks to be an amazing event thus far, with most images here from Preview Night, and as well some from the event’s Facebook - ONWARDS!

Hollywood stands center stage with (all-male) Guest Stars include Jeremy Renner (“Hawkeye” from”The Avengers”), Lance Henriksen (who played the android Bishop in “Aliens”, well known in Japan), Matthew Lewis (“Neville Longbottom” in the “Harry Potter” films), and Billy Boyd (“Pippin” in “The Lord of the Rings” films)> Head onto for an interview with the man in charge of Tokyo Comic Con, Mitsuaki Munegumi.

And the marquee guest honour goes to Stan Lee, who is visiting Japan for the first time too!

Stan Lee at Tokyo Comic Con 🇯🇵 #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #stanlee

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Folks entering the event hall will be greeted by a larger-the-life mural of “Wonder Woman”, to be painted “live” by KaNO, and completed throughout the event days, courtesy of Tomenosuke!

Going hard in the paint. 🇯🇵💯

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BACK TO MY SELF #tokyocomiccon

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"Im sorry Mr. Deckard - that's not my kind of place" #bladerunner #deckard #rachel #taffeylouis #tokyocomiccon

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(Live props from “Blade Runner”, as modelled on my Datadub!)

"If your not cop - you're little people" #bladerunner #deckard #replicant #tokyocomiccon

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There is a mixture of Media represented - predominantly feature films - from classics like “Blade Runner” and “Back To The Future”, to current films, like “I AM HERO” from Japan (C'mon! How could they miss the fat obese over weight zombie??? :p). Not to be left out are pop culture-related media-fun like PSA video games for “Assassin’s Creed”.


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Relax moment

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Toy-centric booths exhibiting at Tokyo Comic Con include ToyQube (check out that Purple colorway Lucha Squid!), Uamou with the ‘Game of Sofubi’ World Tour crew, Tomenosuke (who is representing these artists/creators), Blackbook Toy (who is releasing A Clockwork Hateball & Mr.12 Editions) - who is boothing next to YAMAKICHIYA, and Unbox Industries.

There are undoubtably much more commercial toys, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more snaps of them online within the weekend :)

🇯🇵 Tokyo Comic Con Day 2 has started now #toyqube #comiccon #makuharimesse #tokyocomiccon #designertoy #artoy

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Tomenosuke 2day Open #tokyocomiccon #tomenosuke

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Tokyo Comic Con booth setup done!! Come find us at P-7 with guys over at @yamakichiya . Preview night would open from 5pm!!

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And not to be left out of fun, is the “first live concert in Japan” by IA for PARTY A GOGO. “IA” is a virtual artist born from VOCALOID™, so time for some hologram fun?

#Sofvi Awesomeness @ #TokyoComicCon 2016 - from Mirock Toy, Kto Kto, Kikkake Toy & DOT

Exhibiting at Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) and housed under the Tomenosuke booth are these amazing sofubi creations from @mirocktoy @kto_kto @kikkaketoy and @dotdot_guri!

These are goodies I would LOVE to collect, but alas do not, because it is a slippery slope I personally cannot afford to fall into hahahahaha :p

Click thru to their respective Instagram streams for further product details and availability (beyond Tokyo Comic Con)!

本日10:00より留之助商店ブースにて販売をさせて頂きます!! よろしくお願いします👽 @mirocktoy @kto_kto @kikkaketoy さんと一緒のブースなので是非遊びに来てください!! #tokyocomiccon #tokyocomicon2016 #東京コミコン #コミコン #ComicCon #tomenosuke #留之助商店 #留之助 #dot #dotdot #ドットドット #宇宙のヒミツモノ #HiiN #alien #ソフビ #sofubi #sofvi #toy #sofvitokyo #mirocktoy #ktokto #kikkaketoy

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#留之助商店 #留之助商店 #ktokto

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#東京コミコン #留之助商店

A photo posted by kto kto (@kto_kto) on

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OMG I want this baaaaaaad!

Unbox Industries @ #TokyoComicCon 2016

Besides the release of the event exclusive CHUNK (designed by Jim Chen), Unbox Industries (Booth #N-11) has as well premiered a number of goodies, including their Alien ‘Xenomorph’ Storage Egg (seen above), the Giant Sized UAMOU x Spongebob Squarepants licensed figure (alas, only available for purchase in Hong Kong), 3 new ORION colorways available for purchase (designed by Brandt Peters), and thanks to @part.timellama, we get to see a full-shot of @nomiwa2016 Oni-Spongebob and Patrick (teased for DCON and *heart* to bits hahahaha).

Will update with more pics of displays when I can … meanwhile, stay connected to Instagram @unboxindustries for updates over the weekend!

YAMAKICHIYA @ #TokyoComicCon 2016

Tokyo-based toy shop and sofubi producer YAMAKICHIYA is currently boothing at Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) alongside Blackbook Toy, and is showcasing a variety of their self-produced products, which also includes a splendid line-up of colorways for their 未来猿人ヤマキチ (SAL9000指人形付) / “Future Monkey Yamakichi (SAL 9000)” - space suited ape!

Here are some more snaps to share, and you can stay connected to their Instagram @yamakichiya for product availability and updates!


Tomenosuke @ #TokyoComicCon 2016

Tomenosuke at the inaugural Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) is a powerhouse filled with art toys and swish customs, from as diverse a roster of toy makers and artists, including Tokyo Jesus & Eimi Takano, DOT and Kto Kto from Japan, SHON and Banana Virus from Taiwan, Drilone from USA! And as well KaNO is on hand to do a wonder Woman mural “live”, and there’s even an exclusive colorway of The Astronaut to be had from Alex Pardee x ToyQube!

Not to mention the Blaster from Bladerunner that is causing much drooling (on my Facebook posting haha), including that matchbox blaster kit! OMG #NEED (Won’t be surprised if it was 1/6th-scaled tho, because that would be AWESOME lol). What an awesome spread for their 10th Anniversary celebrations too!

Also scroll down for more pics of the booth on site (with images courtesy of Miyuki Hatakeyama!).

UAMOU for #TokyoComicCon 2016

Studio Uamou will be joining the folks from “Game of Hope” Sofubi Tour and sharing the same tables No.P16,P17,P18 at Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) with tons of swell collectibles, including Camouflage Big Uamou hidden Boo Ver., MAO MAO UAMOU, LOST UAMOU, and the debut of the STAINLESS ULTRAUAMOU!

Also keep a lookout for DINO UAMOUS (since Sold Out at time of this post), UGLY DOLL UAMOUS, collabos with Realxhead, HERO UAMOU with punkdrunkers, and MORE!

Scroll down for snaps, and stay connected to @uamou on Instagram for updates!

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